Our Mission

Harvest Field Ministries is called to bring the Gospel of Christ to the world. We use VBS, Youth outreach and community service to be God's hands in the communities we work with.

The founders, Willie and Carol Thomas, have a heart for starting this Worldwide journey in Romania. They have been drawn to serve alongside the great people of Romania, specifically in the Oltenia region, with the common goal of growing disciples of Christ to reach the world for Him.


Willie and Carol Thomas have been married for 24 years and have 4 children, ages 18-22. Their walk with God has been a journey of both blessings and trials. They have seen God bring them through in ways that have grown their faith. Many have asked where they found the strength to make it and the answer is always the same, Christ. God has used their times of trial to work in both of their hearts and bring them to a place of submission. Through this submission the Thomas' headed God's call to go into full-time missions. The Thomas Family est. 1991
This journey started for me as I was talking with a friend at church. We discussed my desire to go on a mission trip. Nothing ever came of that conversation. A few months later in the summer of 2010 we changed churches. The first time that we heard the pastor preach he ended the sermon by informing the congregation that he would be gone for the next two weeks. He was going to Romania to head a youth camp. At that time, I did not think much about the trip. The next February the pastor started talking about the annual mission trip to Romania. This time I started to pray about going and talked to Carol. We both decided that we would apply to go on this trip. We were chosen as two of the participants and in August of 2011 we went on our first trip to Romania. We talked about missions before, but this was the first time that we were in a place where we were able to go. I thought we would go, participate in what was planned, then we would return home and go about life as usual. To my surprise, that is not what happened. Instead, as we were preparing to leave, my heart was burdened for the people we had only met two weeks earlier. I didn't want to leave. This has not changed over the years and each time we return it becomes harder to come back to the US. Through prayer and many conversations between Carol and I, we feel that God has called us to relocate to Romania and serve as full-time missionaries. God had put the burning desire in our hearts to serve along-side the people of the Oltenia Region, Romania to reach the people for Jesus Christ. Willie Thomas - Founder/Missionary - Send Willie an email
For me this journey started in 2003. We were attending a missions conference at our church when the speaker asked for those who felt called to mission to put that on the card they passed out. I knew it was time and checked that I felt called to missions. It would be a long journey as just a few months prior, my husband, Willie was diagnosed with cancer and would start treatments in the days to follow. Many people doubted my call becauce of where our lives were, but I knew God called me to be in the mission field. When, where, and how this would happen was a mystery to all, save Him who called me. I waited and prayed until He was ready to show me. This was a seven year wait, but God, as always, proved faithful in 2010. Willie told me that he wanted to go on a mission trip to Romania with the church we had recently started attending. My heart jumped for joy as I praised God for the work in Willie's heart that led to the desire to go on a mission trip. I knew that was the first of many steps and was excited to see what God was going to do. He did great things and we both returned from that trip knowing that we left a large part of our hearts back in Romania. We would return the next year, 2011, and bring Brittany, our daughter. In 2012 I was not able to go, but Willie brought Brittany and Elizabeth, another of our daughters. When Willie returned from that trip he told me that he wanted to become full-time missionaries in Romania. In November 2013 Willie and I returned to Romania and met with Dani and Gia Hardut to start the process of planning for the time when God had fully prepared us to make the move. As each day passes I grow impatient with waiting for God's timing, but that is tempered with the sadness of leaving behind my children, family, and friends. I know my God is bigger than all of these things and am ready to come along side Willie and march into the Harvest Field for God's glory. Carol Thomas - Founder/Missionary - Send Carol an email
Hello, I am Daniel Hardut, in the summer of 1999 at the age of 16 I was invited to attend a Christian camp with a friend.  There I understood my need for repentance and to turn my life to God then later in November 2000 I would be baptized.  From the moment of my conversation  God worked wonders in my life.  God was not only molding my life he was growing within me the desire and dedication to serve Him in ministry.  I would attend Emanuel University in Oradea, specializing in Pastoral Theology Baptist from 2002-2006 and later from 2009-2011 to complete a Masters in Theology and Mission.  On November 4, 2007, I was ordained as a pastor. The education would be part of preparing me for what he would call me to do in ministry.  During this time God had provided guidance for life and work but he also gave me my wife Gia in 2005.  From this time we would both pray for our future as servants of God and it became our desire to be in the mission field no later than early October 2006. It was in this time of prayer that we both came to understand God would have us minister in the Oltenia region.  This we knew would be a great change as we would leave the city of Arad where we both had been born. So, from October 2, 2006 until he tells us to leave we are in Gorj county in the region of Oltenia, Romania.  It is here that we live and serve.  We live in the village of Turburea and from there we travel 7 miles to serve Bethany Baptist Church in the village of Groserea and Grace Baptist Church in the village of Floresti which is another 7 miles away.  We are also involved in mission work and with children in the villages of Daia , Costesti , Aninoasa, Turburea , Poiana. In our village, Turburea, there is no evangelical church, and God made no mistake when He brought us here. Through our children, we have managed to get in contact with people in this area and to confess the Lord. Timothy is at school, zero grade(1st grade) and the twins, Ruth and Lucas at the kindergarden which allows us great opportunity to meet others in the village.  Here in Turburea is another family of  believers and we meet with for fellowship in their home. The lady invites her neighbors and this gives the chance of them hearing the Gospel. We usually meet in the evening when it is dark outside because the people say they will not be seen by other neighbors who will then tell the ortodox priest. Here people have great fear of priests. They threaten that they would not be buried if they become repenters. "For the administration of this service not only meet the needs of the saints, but is abundant also by many thanksgivings to God." ( 2 Corinthians 9:12 ) . Dani Hardut - Missionary - Send Dani an email



Please Pray

For those that need to hear the Gospel to come, and that He would prepare their hearts to receive His light and life.


Sermon Prep

Please pray for Pastor Dani as he spends the day preparing the sermons and programs for the coming week.



Today is a day spent taking a break from his labor. Dani spends the day taking his kids to music lessons and being a dad.


Wednesday Services

Pastor Dani does mid-week services at Groşera at 10am, Floreşti at 1pm, and Miluta at 6pm. Pray for Gods word to be heard.



Dani travels to Turburea, a missionary point, to do an English Class at 3pm and the weekly service for the congregation at 7pm.



Today Dani takes to the road to preform services at the church in Daia and to spend time fellowshiping with the Church there.


Kids Day

Dani works with kids in various communities today. 10am at Groşerea, 11:30am at Daia, and 4pm at Floreşti and a youth service in Filiasi at 6pm.


Worship Services

At 10am we worship at Groşerea. We worship at Aninoasa at 2pm, we are at Floreşti for a 4pm service, and finish the day at Miluta at 6pm.

Specific Prayer Requests

Photo of Community Center

Community Center

This is a rendering of the community center that God has created a vision for. We are continuing to raise the funds to support the ministry. When we have raised the funds needed to build this center, we will host events and programs like movie nights once a month, English classes, a monthly cookout to build relationships with the residents of the village, and Church services on Sundays.


At Harvest Field we can not exist and continue persuing the mission that God has given us without your support. We know not everyone has the ability to support financially, but if you are called, we appreciate every dollar.

We view money like air. God did not create us to focus on breathing. However it is necessary to take in air to live. Your donations are our air supply. There is virtually no overhead to our orginization. This means every dollar of your donation will be used to maximum effect and with the utmost efficiency.