Harvest Field Ministries is a call to bring the Gospel to the world through hands on service in the way of VBS, Youth outreach and community service.  The founders Willie and Carol Thomas have a heart for starting this World journey in Romania.  While they are American citizens their hearts have been drawn to come along side the great people of Romania specifically in the Oltenia region to grow disciples to reach the world for Christ.

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Floresti Church Romania
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July 24, 2014.  We started VBS at two new villages today.  God provided a beautiful day for our outside games.  It was not to cool or too hot.  In one village the children speak little to know english so we rely on Gia and Dani to help us communicate.  Brittany helps translate from Romanian to English a little now also.  A few of the children we have gotten to know over the years and although we cannot communicate freely we have still built a very strong bond. I continue to be amazed by how willingly and quickly these children learn a new bible verse.  It is a testament to the great work that Dani and Gia have done in their churches.  It is such a pleasure to teach them the lessons from God's word.  The evening service was led by Pastor David and again an inspiration to the believer and non believer.  The way the people participate in the service from singing to praying allowed to reading scripture aloud makes you feel the Holy Spirit so strongly.  The message was from the book of Job and reminded us that even though God allows us to be taken through storms in life He is always right there for us.  Pastor David's challenge to everyone was to use the storms to draw closer to God and not allow Satan to pull you away  from God.  Looking forward to another day of VBS and evangelical services today. Carol
July 23, 2014. VBS was wonderful today.  We finished our study on the Armor of God.   We talked about the Helmet of Salvation, the Sword of the Spirit, the shield of Faith and the Gospel of Peace.  The kids had great fun finishing their soldiers with their armor.  Our team learned the memory verse Jonah 2:9 in Romanian and the Romanian kids learned the verse in English.  It was great fun watching them help one another.  We had so much fun playing games with them and watching everyone interacting with each other.  It was also a sad time knowing that this would be our last day with them.  In the evening we had a service at the church building in Groserea there we heard from Pastor David about coming home.  He taught that home is when we are living in God's presence and will.  He used Luke 15:17-24 the story of the prodigal son to remind us that we can be living in darkness or outside of God's will because we haven't responded to his call to be his child or we are his child but are not living within his will.  What this parable showed us in Luke 15 is that no matter what has caused us to walk in darkness God is a father that watches for us to come to him, has compassion when we return and he celebrates our entering into his family and will.  He challenged us to reflect on our lives with these questions: What is your current relationship with God? Are you living in total darkness? Or are you pursuing what is good but not with in God's will?  I now challenge you with the same questions.  Thank you again for your prayers we can feel them as we minister.  These next few days we will be away from home in the ministry field for 10 - 12 hours each of the next 3 days continue to pray for our health and strength.  But most of all pray for those that will here the Word of God! Carol
July 22, 2014. It was another great day with VBS,  We taught them a game that we play in our family.  They loved it and played it more then once getting better the second time.  We talked about the Armor of God.  We learned about the breastplate of righteousness and the belt of truth.  Tomorrow will be our last day in Daia and Groserea it will be difficult to say goodbye.  In the evening we met at a sister's house and Pastor David and Dani led the evangelical meeting.  As I sat there it was great to see everyone listening so intently.  We were again blessed with a great Romanian meal prepared by the sisters from the church.  The days are great but they are long.  Thank you for continuing to pray for our team and the people we are reaching. Carol
July 21, 2014. Today we start VBS.  We were excited to see some children we have gotten to know over the years.  Giorgi one of the young ladies we met as a high school student 4 years ago translated at the first VBS.  We taught Joshua 1:9 at both villages letting the children understand that God is always with us so we have not need to be afraid.  Because we have God on our side we can be Strong and Courageous.  After the time learning scripture we played a few games, sang some songs and then enjoyed game time outside.  In the evening we were blessed to have an evangelical meeting in the village of Daia where Pastor David had a message that explained John 3:16 and its significance to our lives.  Acknowledge God's Passion, Appreciate God's presence, Accept God's proposal and Anticipated God's promise of everlasting life.  We pray that those who were there were touched by the Holy Spirit.  After the service, we were given a great blessing of a wonderful meal prepared by the sisters from the church.  Thank you for the support that enabled us to be here and please continue to pray. Carol
July 20, 2014
Today's sermons were such a blessing. Pastor David preached at two churches and Willie spoke at the other two churches.  We heard from God's word about how to be faithful when God calls the believer to service for him.  This can be done by dedicating our bodies to Christ, eliminating distractions, evaluating our strengths, cooperating with other believers, and activating your spiritual gifts.  Willie spoke about not allowing your fears to interfere with your faith and used the example of Peter walking on the water.  The third church touched me deeply as you could feel God's presence.  There were only a few people there as you can see in the picture above, however the impact of the Holy Spirit felt strong.  Satan once again tried to distract everyone but the Holy Spirit was more powerful.  I do believe that the few who were present were moved greatly.  In the 4th church, Willie reminded us the meaning of love.  It is to be willing to lay aside our needs and desires to be there for those in need.  Love is self-sacrifice.  Christ is the ultimate example of laying down your life.  He did that on the cross when he died for our sins.  He is not asking us to physically die for others but to put the needs of others in front of ours needs.  The remainder of the day was used to relax, have a great dinner and play with the kids around the flat.  Tomorrow, we will start our week of VBS ministering to two villages a day for 3 days followed by evening evangelistic meetings and then two additional villages for 3 days also followed by evangelistic meetings.  Continue to pray for good health for the team and soft hearts for those we minister too. Carol
July 19, 2014. We started our work today in the afternoon with a youth meeting.  Youth from many villages and churches came to listen to what God would bring them.  Willie gave the message today challenging them to have faith when running the race for God.  Hebrews 12:1-3.  He talked about the people in the world that would challenge that faith but that many examples throughout the bible remind us if we have faith we can endure and finish the race with God.  
In the evening we were invited to a village that has only 2 believers.  We met in a community building and as you can see in the picture above we had a great number of people come to hear.  Pastor David gave a message on the adulteress woman reminding all that not only are we not to condemn someone if we are not ourselves perfect but that Jesus is also the light for those who find themselves in a dark place.  Satan tried to disrupt but it was no use the word was received and we have faith that the seed of the truth was planted in some hearts today.  The church that invited us to come along side them to preach will follow up with meetings in the building in a small room in the future.  God is moving!  We have four church services starting at 9am tomorrow so please pray for Pastor David and Willie as they share God's word with those who come.  Also, pray for the team as we prepare are hearts to do what God would have each of us to do even if it stretches us.  Carol
July 18, 2014.  Today was our first day doing mission work.  We had a VBS program at 9am where we taught the Gospel message using colored beads. Then we had a time with the youth and Willie talked about understanding we are free from condemnation when we have been saved through the gospel message.  After Willie's time of speaking Pastor David spoke of the importance of waiting until marriage for the things God designed for a married couple.  Once he finished we broke into girls and boys so they could ask questions.  This for me was the greatest moment a time to share my testimony and to encourage them to wait for their husband as God had planned it.  When this time was complete we had a time of rest and food.  Later in the afternoon we went to look at land a talk with some from another church about our desire to build a camp here in the south.  In the early evening we went to Floresti Church.  There our team worship with them and then sang two songs in English.  They joined us during Amazing Grace by singing in Romanian.  Oh what a blessing for each to worship together in their own language.  Pastor David then spoke from Hebrews 10:19-25 giving a great message on the importance of the believers encouraging one another in their faith by loving one another and doing good works for each other.  We arrived back home around 7:30pm and had a wonderful meal.  We all look forward to what God has for us tomorrow.  Check out the Photos. Carol